Happy Earth Day - Three cheers for Kaolin Clay!

Today, April 22, marks another anniversary for the young holiday honoring the environment - Earth Day! Dating back to 1970, Earth Day was inaugurated as "the birth of the modern environmental movement," (earthday.org). In an effort to promote and encourage sustainability, and turn the newspapers away from anti-war protests, environmental advocacy was born.

Over the past several years, campaigns and movements have started for Earth Day's namesake. It's given people who aren't scientists or environmentalists an opportunity to get involved and be part of the conversations on sustainability, natural resources, and more. At Dentisse, we want to take a moment to be part of the conversation. Kaolinite, Earth's most abundant clay mineral, is the backbone of our toothpaste. The Kaolin in Dentisse comes from the southern regions of the United States and is purified and refined, making it a safe product to use. After removing impurities, the clay is heat-treated. This causes thermal dehydration, ultimately leading to a more effective cleaning and polishing agent. On top of it's effectiveness, the Kaolin Clay and Bentonite produce a creamy toothpaste that is then flavored with natural peppermint oil.

As you can see, Dentisse is very reliant on the Earth's natural resources to create the product you've grown to love!

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