The Dentisse Story

Dentisse® Premium Oral Care line was created by two dental scientists with a long history of oral care research and testing.

Early in their careers, they developed a unique toothpaste featuring a type of natural white kaolin clay. They used it as a positive control in their testing of other toothpastes, referring to it as their “gold standard” and joking that it was the best product not on the market.

Occasionally, they made small batches of this original kaolin clay formula for family and friends. Everybody raved about how much better it was than typical store-bought toothpaste and how smooth and clean it made their teeth feel.

That was encouragement enough for the two scientists to explore bringing their toothpaste to market. Because of their interest in natural products and the deficiencies of other natural toothpastes being sold, they decided to make their product as natural as possible without sacrificing its superior dental properties. Thus, Dentisse® Natural Reflection™ Toothpaste was born.

They also recognized the fact that most mouthrinses on the market contain alcohol and other synthetic ingredients. Many consumers do not care for the burning and drying sensation found in these alcohol based products. The creators spent a year developing the unique blend of essential oils with other natural ingredients (Natural Solution™), which have been shown to be effective in promoting the best in oral care.

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