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Brush and rinse with Dentisse and experience . . .

  • noticeably shinier, whiter teeth
  • long-lasting fresh breath
  • less plaque and tartar buildup
  • a smoother, cleaner "mouth feel"
  • a more radiant smile

The Dentisse Difference

Typical toothpastes, with their particles of silica, calcium carbonate or other abrasives, depend on the jagged particle edges to scrape away plaque and stains. But the kaolin in Dentisse provides platelets that slide across the tooth enamel, removing plaque and surface stains and polishing more gently and effectively than any other toothpaste on the market.

Our Satisfied Customers

  • I was really excited about this toothpaste because I drink coffee, red wine, and tea, so I am obsessed with keeping my teeth white and bright! I first noticed the creamy consistency (from the Bentonite Clay), then the peppermint oil hit my nose. After brushing for two minutes, I ran my tongue over my teeth to feel the smoothness. My teeth were clean and sparkly and my breath was fresh.

    Mommy Living the Life of Riley! Blog
  • After gathering data, I find the Dentisse brand to be very effective. Dentisse toothpaste is a premier natural nonabrasive paste that contains kaolin clay to produce the benefits. The Dentisse mouth rinse is wonderful because it's a clear, alcohol free, natural rinse with impressive elements.

    Dr. Layliev, Director of the New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
  • I have been using my tube of Dentisse 2 times a day since I got it and I love it. Love the taste, the way my teeth feel and the way they look. Nice and clean, and whiter.
  • We pamper our skin, our hair and even our nails... so why not pamper our mouths as well? Consider Dentisse as a little luxury for your mouth.

    The Look,
  • When I used the paste on my electric toothbrush, my teeth felt slick and clean to the bite! I used this toothpaste for two weeks straight, and I noticed whiter, more radiant teeth.

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