Brush and rinse with Dentisse and experience...

...noticeably shinier, whiter teeth
...long-lasting fresh breath
...less plaque and tartar buildup
...a smoother, cleaner "mouth feel"
...a more-radiant smile

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All Dentisse® products are made with high-quality natural ingredients without harmful synthetics. Experience the removal of surface stains, reduced mouth odor all with the gentle, soothing care of Dentisse®.

The toothpaste is so effective that new stains will not be able to take hold.


  • "...after trying out this toothpaste for over a week, I do notice that my teeth feel smoother when I slide my tongue over them. It's great! My teeth also look whiter too. Having brighter teeth is important … it makes me feel better and also makes people feel comfortable when they see my bright smile."
    ~ Jen's Blog of Random Thoughts
  • "Love, love, love the paste! What a way to wake up in the morning. This is a great kissing paste, btw! :)"
    ~ Emelda V., Minneapolis, MN
  • "Your new natural toothpaste is fantastic! It's the best tasting natural toothpaste I've ever used! The packing teal green tube is gorgeous and I feel classy when I use it :)"
    ~ Sheryl Roush, Professional and Accredited Speaker, Sparkle Presentations, Inc. San Diego, CA
  • "I've been using this product for a few months now and I can't get over the wonderfully clean feeling this toothpaste gives. It lasts too, unlike some other toothpastes I have tried which leave my mouth feeling dirty a mere hour or two later. It leaves them looking super bright and shiny as well, which I just love!"
    ~ Beautiful Basics blog
  • "Dentisse Natural Reflection Toothpaste cleans and brightens, you can feel an immediate 'smoother' works gradually, and can be your 'normal' toothpaste used, not gritty and no sensitive teeth!"
    ~ Fashion Daily Mag blog
  • "When I used the paste on my electric toothbrush, my teeth felt slick and clean to the bite! I used this toothpaste for two weeks straight, and I noticed whiter, more radiant teeth."
  • "We pamper our skin, our hair and even our nails... so why not pamper our mouths as well? Consider Dentisse as a little luxury for your mouth."
    ~ The Look,
  • "I'm loving the mouthfeel and results of a toothpaste fashioned from white kaolin clay."
    ~ Port Arthur News
  • "The luxury toothpaste seemed to clean plaque and tarter at least as well as anything our staff had ever used, and without the occasional tingling and burning that more sensitive people may experience."
    ~ Around 505
  • "After using this low-abrasion, stain-prevention/removal system for a week, I noticed my teeth felt smoother and cleaner."
  • "I have been using my tube of Dentisse 2 times a day since I got it and I love it. Love the taste, the way my teeth feel and the way they look. Nice and clean, and whiter."
  • "Now in the 2nd week of using Dentisse, I really love it! My favorite thing is my mouth feels so much cleaner, long after I brush..."
  • "Within a couple weeks, my teeth felt smoother and brighter. I wasn't trying for a blinding, 100-watt smile, just a nice, clean one.. The natural peppermint also helps make your mouth feel cleaner."
    ~ Advice Sisters Blog
  • "Shiny white teeth are an essential complement to every outfit. Spending time pampering skin, hair and nails is important, but a beaming smile is vital. Dentisse Natural Reflection oral care toothpaste is an innovative, healthier way to obtain dental perfection."
    ~ Fashion Crunch Blog
  • "It's like giving your teeth a spa treatment..."
    ~ Dr. Jason Olitsky, InStyle Magazine, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

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