Exclusive Contest for Dentisse Customers

Do you love Dentisse products?

Have you purchased from us within the past year?

Want to be entered for a chance to win a Dentisse prize package?

If you answered "YES" to any of those questions, this is a contest for you! During the month of April, we're asking our Dentisse customers to share their experience with Dentisse products on Facebook. Participation in this contest automatically gives you a 20% off coupon code, plus a chance to win a Dentisse prize package. How cool is that? 


Here are the rules:

  1. Like our Facebook page if you haven't already!
  2. Create a Facebook post sharing your experience with Dentisse products.
  3. Well, there isn't a third rule. It's really this simple!

The post can be short and simple - just tell your Facebook friends which product you used and what you thought

 Oh, and be sure to tag our Facebook page so we know how to give you your 20% off coupon code!


Terms and Conditions

Though all participants will be considered for the Dentisse Premium Oral Care prize package, not all will win. Participation in this contest is a way to share your personal experience using Dentisse products. If you have never purchased or used Dentisse products, please disregard this email, as you will not be an eligible participant in the contest.; thoughts and experiences must be your own. All contest rules must be adhered to in order to be considered for a prize. Contestants must like the Dentisse Premium Oral Care Facebook page, share a post on their personal pages, state which product was used, and tag the Dentisse Premium Oral Care Facebook page. Dentisse is proud to serve customers and provide premium oral care with a leading whitening toothpaste. We thank you for your participation and consideration.

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