Enamel Polish Test Results

Enamel polishing toothpaste

Toothpaste that truly polishes the tooth enamel is harder to come by than you might think. With Dentisse, you know your teeth are getting the best polish possible. Our toothpaste was tested on dulled tooth enamel specimens and brushed with a toothbrushing machine for a set number of strokes at uniform pressure with standard toothbrushes. From there, a specialized instrument called a gloss meter was used to measure the specular reflectance of the speciments before and after treatment. This method directly correlates with polish results observed in clinical trials.

The test used 26 commercially available toothpastes, including Dentisse. The results proved that Dentisse imparted the highest degree of polish with an overall score of 97. The rest of the "whitening/polishing" toothpastes ranged from a low of 38 to a high of 80. To view a deeper analysis of the results, view the Enamel Polish Test Results PDF. If you've never tried Dentisse and want to test it out on your own tooth enamel, purchase a tube or request a sample!

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