Stain Removal Test Results

stain removal toothpaste

Have you ever had (what you thought was) an innocent coffee date, but it turned into something much more? A relationship with coffee, tea, or wine can start out slowly, but it can leave stains on your teeth that are nearly impossible to remove! Our toothpaste has been tested for its stain removal capabilities, and tested highest out of 136 commercial brand toothpastes. 

Stained tooth specimens (by means of coffee/tea solution for 2 weeks) were brushed with the toothpastes on a toothbrushing machine. The machine indicated a set number of strokes at a uniform pressure with standard toothbrushes. Using a specialized instrument (spectrophotometer), the stain color was measured before and after the treatment. This method directly correlates with the widely accepted clinical results for determining the ability of a toothpaste to remove stain and whiten teeth. 

Out of the 136 toothpastes tested, Dentisse had the highest PCR (Pellicle Cleaning Ratio) score. What's even more remarkable is this was accomplished with low abrasiveness. Since Dentisse uses Kaolin Clay instead of sand, the smooth platelets are able to gently glide over teeth without causing harsh abrasiveness. Check out the Stain Removal Test Results PDF for a more detailed analysis of the study.

Want to know more about our toothpaste? Check out the other test results on enamel polishing and abrasiveness. 

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